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Let me guess.. You're using FL Studio?
The piano - FL Keys
The wobbly piano - Rhodes

Beezledub responds:

yeah i just discovered them

Evilgrapez - Candy Constellation Evilgrapez - Candy Constellation

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's good! But like what GameBalance said, the piano is a bit not great. But everything's good!

Evilgrapez responds:

Thanks dude.

Random Song 10 Random Song 10

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For rubrub haha

Hit 'em Like This! Hit 'em Like This!

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Crazy Mysteries Crazy Mysteries

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It's good! But it needs some improvements.

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kbenitezlugo13 responds:

I know I try but I cry. Can you share the song plz

Evening Evening

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Overall, it's good! Keep up the good work, friend!

LawnReality responds:

Thank you!

Evilgrapez - Claustrophobia Evilgrapez - Claustrophobia

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I'm absolutely speech less.
This is a great one too! The beginning made me feel nostalgic because it has an 80s game feel to it.
The drop, yes the drop at 00:10 is so good!
You're one of my favorite producers now, I'm now inspired to do more.

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Evilgrapez responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words. This was a very experimental track so I'm glad to know someone liked it (it got little to no feedback, haha).

Evilgrapez & Himhim2340 - Deadlight Evilgrapez & Himhim2340 - Deadlight

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Holy Crap!
This is actually the best from you! I love the beat, the melody, and that little drop at 1:10
And the rest is just flawless.
Overall it's amazing!

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Evilgrapez responds:

Thanks dude. I'm honestly surprised at all the good feedback this has gotten. Not complaining, though. Thanks again.

The End The End

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AWESOME! Needs improvement tho! Keep up the good work!

ThatGamerDude1015 responds: